Coupling device FP

          Coupling device type FP (analogue FPU, FPM, FPMU, FPMR).

          Coupling device FP are used to connect equipment high frequency channels of protection equipment and automatic protective devicesequipment of communications and data to the phase of the voltage on the power lines 35, 110, 220, 330, 500, 750 kV and a ground wire on a "phase-to-earth", "ground wire-to-earth" and " split ground wire-to-earth".

          Coupling device cover the entire frequency range of the HF line traps and are designed for peak power HF signal 200 W and 400 W. These devices have a fixed grid frequency ranges, however, at the customer's request can be made any physically realizable combinations of capacitance coupling capacitor, the frequency range and input impedance.

          Coupling device has a standard developed by twenty one embodiment presented below. The average operating power of the HF signal is 100 W.


          When ordering a filter attachment must specify the range of operating frequencies and the capacitance of the capacitor connection with which it will work.

          Technical characteristic

The coupling devise housing is made of silumin alloy which has high strength and hardwearing.

Coupling device is designed for outdoor using at an altitude max 1000 m above sea level at a temperature of -50°С to +60°С (223 - 333 К) and relative humidity 98% at a temperature of +35°С (308 К).

Delivery are carried out in the shortest times.
Coupling capacitors SМ, tuning devices ENU, line traps VZ, cabinets of voltage selection ShON, as well as PLC equipment manufacturing by «Iskra» ЕТ9, anty emergency automation equipment DPA, teleprotection equipment DZ9, PVZ, PVZ-VZ can be included in the supply.