High frequency transceiver of protection PVZ


We carry out repair and supply of PVZ (IVA) blocks.

 Equipment HF protection


          High freguency (HF) transceiver of protection type PVZ is designate for transmitting and receiving signals protection high frequency channel formed by wire voltage overhead power lines 35 - 1150 kV.

          PVZ equipment works in conjunction with the differential-phase protection of all types, distance and directional protection from high freguency lock, made on the basis of electromechanical relays and semiconductor protection based on semiconductor elements.

          PVZ equipment performs the following functions:
  •  - transmission and reception of blocking signals;
  •  - periodic periodic monitoring of the stock on the damping channel of communication and health output circuits of the receiver (once in 16 minutes);
  •  - attenuation introduced by the transceiver path by 75 ohms, at parallel accession no more than 1 dB; 
  •  - digital receiver with programmable output amplitude-frequency response and signal suppression "own" transmitter in the range of 2.5 to 7.5 dB;
  •  - ability to signal suppression parent transmitter in three-ended channel withfrequency spaicing of up to ±1kHz;
  •  - providing telephone communications between points during its commissioning.

          Technical characteristics


          Options of tuning receiver amplitude frequency response

          The equipment includes:
         - calling device over communication channel; - microcontroller unit by automatic control software compatible with other posts HF protection, such as AVZK-80, PVZ-90M, PVZU-E and others;
         - remote reset and auto-control survey.

          When ordering, specify the exact positions PVZ frequency reception, transmission and auto-control option will speed up the execution of the task.